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Nikon 12 x 50 SE

Started by jwilson, 07/27/2004 09:16AM
Posted 07/27/2004 09:16AM Opening Post
I'm considering getting a pair of Nikon 12 x 50 Superior E binocs for use in astronomy (as well as for terrestrial use once in a while). I'm drawn to them because of Nikon's reputation for good optics, because 12x might give a substantially larger image than the 7x binocs I currently use, and because of the 4+ mm exit pupil, which would match my aging eyes better than some other binocs. I'd expect to have to use these with a binocular mount. Does anyone have experience with these binoculars for astro use?

Posted 07/27/2004 11:47AM #1
Hello John,

I own a pair of these fine binos and they're excellent both optically and mechanically. They are also light enough to hand hold, although bracing your arms on a lawn chair makes it easier. The one thing you should know about these glasses is that they have an inexplicable lack of a threaded socket for use with a mount or tripod. I believe you can get a tripod adapter at an extra charge, but as I use the Nikons for hand held observing, I'm not familiar with the adapter. If you have a Universal Astronomics Unimount, Larry can provide you with a mounting solution that should be satisfactory.


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Posted 07/27/2004 09:11PM #2
I had a pair for about 2 years. They have excellent optics, good ergonomics and only weigh 31 ounces. I can highly recommended them for both astronomical and terrestrial use. That said, you can't use them for very long without needing some type of support for your arms. That is true even if you are sitting in a chair or laying back in a recliner.

The adapter you'll need to attach them to a tripod is the Nikon Product # 7806 and they sell for about $45.

If you currently have a mount I would recommend going to the 16 x 70 Fujinons instead of the 12 x 50s. And then, if you also want a higher power (than your 7x) for a hand hold-able the 10 x 42 Nikon SEs would be an excellent choice for a combination astronomical/terrestrial hand hold-able.
Posted 07/30/2004 07:24AM #3