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What binos will you be using for the eclipse?

Started by rwiederrich, 08/09/2017 05:31PM
Posted 08/09/2017 05:31PM Opening Post
I've run across many who will be viewing the upcoming eclipse with nothing but their for my small party I bought some Baader solar glassed they are selling in the stores these days. But how about those who will be stepping it up to binoculars?
Personally I will be using my homemade 21X127 rolling tripod binoculars with Baader filters...and since the sun will be relatively low in the sky...little neck fatigue will be a problem.


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Posted 08/09/2017 10:58PM #1
I bought two pair of Celstron 10x25 EclipSmart binos for my wife and me. We're flying to see this eclipse, then extending the trip to Glacier/Waterton NPs, so we're packing light with respect to optics. My CPC-800 won't fit in the overhead bin.
:-) I also have a solar filter that fits three of my camera lenses and I am planning to do a wide-angle time lapse.
Posted 08/10/2017 02:43AM #2
Hi, Rob et al! I'm going to Casper, right on the totality center-line at a friend's house. He will have all sorts of visual and recording equip set up. I'm traveling light, bringing Vixen 2.1x and Zeiss 8x20 binos for Totality Only. Also my ~shadow band detector~ and H-alpha & Oxygen Night Visions to (maybe) peek at the corona narrowband. BUT beyond all else... I am going to WATCH Totality Naked Eye. Note to self and all: You only have 2+ minutes... Don't forget to WATCH! Tom

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Posted 08/19/2017 12:33PM #3
Hi, Rob. We (our family) have a pair of Celestron 7X35s which I bought a long time ago for day time use. I'll probably bring them along but am not sure that I'll use them. My scopes, an Explore Scientific AR127 and a new Orion 180mm Mak, will be staying home. This is the first time that I, my wife Laura, or a daughter will have seen any solar eclipse. For sure I and probably they will want to get the whole experience, which will involve looking at the sky as we get close to totality and even during totality, and keeping our ears and eyes open for changes in animal activity. We can best do this with just our eyes.

It'll be a last minute call, but we'll probably watch the eclipse from the Duke World of Energy at Oconee Nuclear Station.

Best Regards.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

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