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best eyepieces for standard denkmeier + C8

Started by paul.knight, 11/11/2009 02:38PM
Posted 11/11/2009 02:38PM Opening Post
Does anyone have any recommendations for eyepieces paired with a standard denkmeier and an 8" celestron SCT? Looking for two sets: one for planetary (thinking ~12mm?) and one for wide field. I'm a graduate student so can't really blow the bank for an Ethos set, but feel free to recommend what you think best. Also, what's the widest field I can get w/ the binoviewer? Thanks!
Posted 11/11/2009 03:29PM #1
Hi Paul,

One of the better EPs pairs for binoviewing has always been the 24mm Panoptic. I have found a substitute at roughly half the price that performs almost as well in a number of scopes. The substitue is the Baader Planetarium Hyperion 24mm EP. These EPs work well in a binoviewer and can be used in either a 1 1/4" or a 2" focuser.

I did a head to head comparison between the panoptic and the hyperion in a 25" obsession and I found the hyperion quite acceptable as a substitute for the panoptic.

I also like the 18mm Radians, 14mm Radians, 21mm Denks, and 24mm Siebert Ultrawides.

Don Durbin
Posted 11/16/2009 07:57AM #2
I am with Don...The 24mm TV Panoptics are tough to beat. If you use the Power X Switch you get a nice magnification range. They just kind of fall out of the way and let you observe. I also like the Denk 21's and Denk 14's.