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Started by jkurtz555, 12/11/2003 06:54AM
Posted 12/11/2003 06:54AM Opening Post
Let's see...we have people with false identities posting...we have individuals out to ruin manufacturers with negative postings under assumed names....PLEASE can we stop the paranoia....we are discussing binoviewers...YES BINOVIEWERS!
These posts take on a tone of industrial espionage rather than of reasonable product a newbie to astronomy and someone who really wants to make an informed purchasing decision I'm finding "MOST" of the forums related to binoviewers full of intrigue and often very little else, Can we get back to discussing the merits and shortcomings of the current binoviewer products and accessories....I need to see people posting their first hand experiences.
Posted 12/11/2003 07:39AM #1