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Denk Accessories on C9.25

Started by jkurtz555, 12/22/2003 12:55PM
Posted 12/22/2003 12:55PM Opening Post
I'm coming down to a final decision on a binoviewer (BN and Denk Standard)....I'll be using this on a C9.25 with both a WO Crayford Focuser and WO Two Inch Diagonal. My question is do I really need the star sweeper (Russ wasn't sure if a 1.25 or 2 inch would work with this scope)and 2X multiplier with this configuration. Having this much "stuff" added on to the back of my this a bad idea especially with this telescope.
Posted 12/22/2003 08:08PM #1

I hang Denk standards on the back of my 8" Celestron SCT also; no problems.

I think it's very likely that Russ would refund your StarSweeper purchase if it didn't work out. I asked him the same thing when I bought mine. You can call and ask him. On an 8", the Starsweeper gives f/5. The 2" version that some 9.25 users apparently need still gives f/7 (I think), which might be pretty nice to have.

Posted 12/23/2003 05:33AM #2
Hi Jeff,

I recently bought a NexStar 9.25 and while the optics are better than I had hoped the electronics have been disappointing. But getting back to your question, I have been using a pair of Blacknights in the stock 1.25" visual back and diagonal. I don't have to use a corrector with the binos, just straight through. It takes a bit of in focus but the 9.25 still has plenty to spare when the BVs are in focus. Even with the additional length to your lightpath I think you'll still have enough infocus to use BVs.

Clear Skies,