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EP and Correcter Choices!

Started by jkurtz555, 01/01/2004 02:20PM
Posted 01/01/2004 02:20PM Opening Post
Recently acquired a Televue Binoviewer and will be doubling up on UO 12.5mm Ortho and 22mm Leica (68 degree FOV)...I'd like one other set of eyepieces and wondered if I could get suggestions from the group.
I have a C9.25 and wondered if something like the Denkmeier Star Sweeper or Seibert .5 OCS would be a worthwhile option to enhance 3 sets of eyepieces.
Posted 01/01/2004 03:18PM #1
Hi, Jeff!

Glad to chat with you again. I've seen a great many people on the Yahoo binoviewer group say that the StarSweeper is fantastic, although I've never used it (dob man).

I've also gone through my pains figuring out what eyepiece sets to get. I own a set of 24.5 Meade SWA's that work great. I have a set of 14 Epics that I've traded to go towards a set of 16 1 1/4 T5 Nags I'm still waiting for. Jim Gutman and so many others have raved over them so much that I got sucked in. I've never looked through Nags in a bino, so I've bought them on reputation alone. I know how good 67 degree field eyepieces look in a bino, let alone 82! My other set is a pair of 9.5 Epics, which work great as well. Stick with three sets, and use the 2.5X to vary the powers of each. If I used the 2X instead of the 2.5X in the Denk II, two of my three sets would have the same magnification, so chose wisely. Did that make sense to you? ;-)

Point is, have three sets, four max. Use the barlow, multiplier, whatever you want to call it, to double your sets.

I'll post my views of the 16 Nags in the Denk II as soon as the UPS fairy comes.

Hope you had a happy new year.

DenkII, 12.5 f/6 Dob

16" f/4.52 ATM Truss Dob, Discovery Mirror
Denk II w/nags junkie