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Stars not pin point on my denk bino viwers

Started by ref68, 01/09/2011 02:38PM
Posted 01/09/2011 02:38PM Opening Post
I spend money to update my binos with 2" size and on my 15" obsession stars can not look sharp with pair of 17mm Burgess eyepieces.
any idea for a better options.
other wise the image looks as observing through 30" dob is huge but not sharp.
with a single eyepiece I can see colors on m42 but not with bino's.
let me knoe please.
Posted 01/09/2011 03:41PM #1
When you say you upgraded to 2", do you mean you have switched to a 2" nose on the Denks? Do you have a 2" OCS?

Can you supply a picture of yur binoviewer setup?