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41mm Panoptic performance

Started by Larry Seguin, 11/29/2003 10:39AM
Posted 11/29/2003 10:39AM Opening Post
These have been out a while now, but I've yet to see a post on them. What about it? With it's tfov, this should be one awesome performer! Larry Seguin.
Posted 11/29/2003 11:22AM #1
I got the chance to use one at Mt. Pinos.
The fellow that owned it had a NS11GPS and I was using the 15" f/4.9 DOB.
We exchanged EPs, he giving me the 41mm Pan and he tried the 31 and 20mm Naglers as I recall. He also view the DOB with the 41mm Pan and the 31mm Nagler.
I thought the 41 Pan looked pretty good, but not as nice as the Nagler. He stated that the 41mm Pan did not have as good of correction and contrast as the 31mm Nagler. I did find the 41mm Pan to not be as well corrected in the faster scope. But it did look good.

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