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5/6-inch Grab-and-Go?

Started by astro2575, 08/10/2003 08:12PM
Posted 08/10/2003 08:12PM Opening Post
OK ... I think need something between the puny 80mm achromat and the 11" SCT for times like now where it's too hot in the shed to keep the SCT out on wheels and too hot in the yard to assemble it.

I'm thinking medium-focal ratio 5 to 6 inch scope (absolute minimum: 4). Must be carriable in its entirety.

Should be decent for planets (capable of a good image at around 200x); I don't expect perfection but it should perform to what that size optics the particular design is reasonably capable of.

Also, I'd like it on a goto mount - enough light pollution in the yard to make star hopping not much fun and it is a grab-and-go, not grab-and-search scope. That means a dob won't really work out of the box. If a suggested OTA is light enough, maybe I get a 114GT at Costco for 160 bucks and use that mount.

I don't mind it "equilibrating" the scope for a few minutes.

Prefer 2" focuser.

Before you say APO - no way am I spending that kind of money on that small a scope. But, a good achromat would be an option for sure, and so would be any reflecting scope.

Suggestions? How much?


Posted 08/10/2003 08:32PM #1 MN56 on the lightweight GoTo mount of your choice would work. The OTA is about 11 pounds. This is a 5" f/6 Mak-Newt with killer optics. Easily adapted to a 114GT mount. The MN56 is about $775 new, $550 used. It has a 2" focuser. It is an "apo"!
Posted 08/11/2003 04:25PM #2
... lots of great and amazingly consistent advice. Thanks a bunch to everyone!

I think I'll be looking at 5/6" Mak or 5" Mak-Newt assembies on an LXD55, NexStar, or similar mount. I've actually been intrigued by the Mak-Newt concept a while, and one criterion between one or the other will be if the Mak can reach focus with my binoviewer and StarSweeper focal reducer. I am NOT giving up viewing with two eyes, but I want the wider field the f6ish scope can do so the Mak will need the reducer on it at times. It may be a tough choice.

Thanks again. I knew I could count on the combined wisdom of this forum, however heated it may get at times smile