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NGC7000 (the North America Nebula)

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Any Knowledge about this scope?

Started by [email protected], 10/11/2002 09:43PM
Posted 10/11/2002 09:43PM Opening Post
On page 138 of the November Sky&Tel, is an add for a home above Palm Springs that has a guest house with a roll off roof observatory. The primary instrument is advertised as a "Byers" 24" Classical Cassegrain. Does anyone have any information about this scope or the house that contains it?
Scott Baker
San Diego Astronomy Association
International Dark-Sky Association
Posted 10/12/2002 03:01AM #1
I attempted to look it up on a few real estate websites, but couldn't find anything beyond a listing. I don't have the magazine with me (it's been in quite a few others for about a year), but I believe they list a website to visit. Maybe that was in Astronomy magazine?