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Astrosystems Secondary Adjusters

Started by dwalton, 04/10/2003 08:48AM
Posted 04/10/2003 08:48AM Opening Post
Hi all,

Astrosystems makes two kinds of secondary mirror holders - smaller ones with hex wrench adjusters, and larger ones with thumbscrew adjusters. I think the 2.6" and smaller ones have hex wrench adjustment screws.

Question - has anyone replaced their hex-head adjusters on one of the smaller Astrosystems secondary holders with a set of small thumbscrews? If so, can you provide the details? This would make it a lot easier to adjust the secondary in the dark.

Thanks, Doug
Posted 04/10/2003 02:26PM #1
I replaced the hex bolts on my 2.14 with "Serv-A-Lite Clamping Knobs" that have black plastic heads with a nicely milled ringe aroudd the top for easy hand-turning. I found that #10 size, 32 thread per inch in 1/2" length worked fine for my holder. I got mine at a Sears Hardware store for $1.99 each. They work great!