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BW/Zeiss 30mm wide angle? Slow and fast scopes.

Started by Paultricounty, 09/23/2003 05:20PM
Posted 09/23/2003 05:20PM Opening Post

I had a posted a similar question about a week ago asking if any members had any experience with this eyepiece. It was suggested to repost when Markus would be back from a trip hoping to get more detailed info from APM.

My question revolved around how does this eyepiece compare with the other top end eyepieces in the field, Leitz, Naglers in addition to the wide scan III and all the other contenders in this eyepiece group.

Another astromart member brought this information from the APM site concerning the widescan {thank you Joe} that pertains to field correction being doubly as good as the Zeiss. If a $200 eyepiece will out perform a $500 with Zeiss coatings, what gives here? I would believe the contrast, light throughput, and edge correction would all be better in a Zeiss. Of course these eyepieces with lesser lens elements would fair better in slower scopes. All thoughts appreciated. Thanks.


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