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C14 mount ready to go

Started by David Simons, 08/08/2004 11:54PM
Posted 08/08/2004 11:54PM | Edited 08/08/2004 11:57PM Opening Post
I finally did an acid test for the C14 pipe mount and brought it to our clubs "Star-B-Que" this last weekend. Here is a picture of it taken down and ready to be packed into my Camry. I had added some no-tools large eyebolts and wingnuts to attach the ring cage to the pipe supports. This came in handy when it was time to pack up at 2:30am. When I was putting it together, I got a few grins, but after about 15 minutes, I had the C14 mounted and ready to go. I had a few observers that night, as I ended up having about the biggest scope on the field except for the 24" in the observatory. I had my lowest power 40mm Ultrascan 70 degree ep. giving a little greater than 0.5 degree FOV. One fellow just sat there panning it around the Sagittarius region and kept exclaiming to his friends what he was finding. It sounded like a kid in a candy shop. I don't blame him a bit grin

David Simons

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David Simons
Posted 08/09/2004 01:16AM #1
Baffled here...any chance we can see this rig setup? Are those Parallax rings?




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