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C8 Motor Problem

Started by raw265, 09/19/2002 04:53AM
Posted 09/19/2002 04:53AM Opening Post
Hello all,
I have a C8 Deluxe that I bought new a couple of years ago. I detect a vibration comming from the RA motor. It can be seen in a 30mm eyepiece when doing solar/lunar observing. I do a lot of double star observing now and it has become quite apparent when pushing the power at night. It's very annoying.

I run off a 12V DC car battery so low voltage shouldn't be the issue. Anyone have any suggestions???

Robert W.

There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 09/19/2002 09:35PM #1
Remove the battery cover and check to see if the worm gear has come loose or developed some slop between it and the other gears. When I had my C8D, the same thing happened. Use a small hex wrench, align the gears again and tighten to a good snug feel. That should be the cure if it is indeed the gears being loose. Good luck!