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Celestron CG Advanced Mount

Started by Magic man, 08/15/2004 01:59PM
Posted 08/15/2004 01:59PM Opening Post
I am looking for an inexpensive goto mount for astrophotography. The new CG advanced mount looks good for just under $800.00 but I'm not sure. Has anyone seen and used this mount? Can it be converted to a pier? Any first hand experience would help.
Magic Man
Posted 08/15/2004 02:37PM #1
Merlin buddy, I have one...and its great...for visual use only. They simply do not have the precision that you will need for long exposures. ..and yes, I can be adapted to a pier. Only my opinion...Regards,Scott
Posted 08/15/2004 03:49PM | Edited 08/15/2004 03:52PM #2
I own both the CG Advanced and LXD55 w/GoTo for use with my smaller refractors. Both have been Hypertuned which is a must with these China made mounts. You'll need to remove that thicker than frozen molasses grease and replace it with Marine Lithium grease (like you use for the Buddy Bearings on your boat trailer) and then clean the gears and other metal parts with a solvent and file/smooth the teeth of the gears so they mesh smoothly. I don't know why all of the companies that get their mounts from China don't insist on this being done at the factory...after all the Marine grease would weather the salt air/water better when shipped to America. In this category, the Vixen line of Polaris mounts are good to go right out of the box. They have very good Quality Control and dollar for dollar are hard to beat in the under $1200.00 range.

Once you Hypertune the mount it becomes a very nice mount BUT, ONLY for the smaller scopes and short exposures on say, the Moon or Jupiter and Saturn and sometimes on bright and fairly large or close by DSO's as long as your scope has very good and well colimated optics. If you're talking about something in the 6-8" category you'll be much happier going with the likes of a Losmondy GM-8 or even better, the GM-11 for longterm astrophotography. They are an Astromart Sponsor.

As to a source for a Pier for either the CG & LXD's Kens' Rings (another Astromart Sponsor sells them at a very reasonable price). Go about 1/3 to 1/2 way down on this link to Ken's Rings.