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Started by Kevin Barker, 10/28/2002 12:09PM
Posted 10/28/2002 12:09PM Opening Post
Hi folks

I had a discussion with a friend recently and we discussed whether or not alcohol based solutions were usable with coated lenses.

Because of the alcohol dissolving the MgF2.

With modern hard coated lenses is this still a concern?

I know with my prescription eyewear(plastic lenses) it is best to use a detergent/water based cleaner. I presume this is because the coatings(MgF2) can not be hard coated (this requires high temperatures)

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on cleaning modern eyepieces and objectives. I realise that objectives should only ever be cleaned rarely.

Also what techniques/solutions do you folks use.

Kevin B
Posted 10/28/2002 02:15PM #1
Kevin, Try Dr Clay's receipe found at, then click on Guides, then pick the cleaning systems item. Dr. Clay has spent a great deal off effort to get an acceptable cleanoing solution for Meade LX200 UHTC optics which are coated.

Doug W.
Posted 10/29/2002 03:53PM #2
From the TeleVue website:

"Reagent grade acetone and methanol are ideal, and may be available in some pharmacies, but alcohol or acetone from a hardware store can also be used."

Ed Moran
Equipment Forum Moderator - Two of Five