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Dust Covers

Started by Brisley, 11/04/2003 07:19PM
Posted 11/04/2003 07:19PM Opening Post
I am looking for a dust cover (vinyl or hard) for my older C-8, but haven't been able to find anyone carrying anything that mentions fitting an 8" SCT. Years ago I know these were available, as well as eyepiece covers, as I still have the eyepiece covers. Meade carries some, but no one lists the actual dimensions it fits, I am looking for 9".
Posted 11/04/2003 07:39PM #1
They're not vinyl - more like mylar, but take a look at:
Posted 11/04/2003 07:49PM #2
Here ya' go... mainly sold as a focusing aid (AKA Hartmann mask) but the holes may be covered or you could even install an optional off-axis solar filter in one of 'em.

For more info:


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