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Expensive eyepiece and Barlows?

Started by astroboy314, 12/14/2002 04:04AM
Posted 12/14/2002 04:04AM Opening Post
Hello all, I have a question regarding the use of Barlows on expensive lenses... is a Barlowed expensive lenses going to outpreform an inexpensive, higher powered eyepiece on its own?

For example, I have an 8" SCT, and if I want a high magnification (~250x) for planetary observing, are a 19mm Panoptic and a 2x Barlow (214x) still perform better than a 9.7mm SuperPlossl (210x). I realize the FOV will be higher in the Panoptic, but what about quality?

I guess my main question here is, if I want an eyepiece for higher magnifications, can I just use my quality eyepiece of ~100x magnification rather than buying a separate eyepiece at 210x?

I'm tired so I hope that question makes sense.

Posted 12/14/2002 06:54AM #1
For brighter, higher resolution targets I prefer less glass and fewer surfaces, although a Barlow may help if limited eye-relief is an issue.



Posted 12/14/2002 11:18AM #2
If the 9.7mm Super Plossl is a good one, I don't think the 19mm Panoptic with the Barlow is going to outperform it in an f/10 SCT. On the other hand, Barlowing the 19mm Panoptic is a very practical thing to do. Just make sure to use a quality 2x Barlow (I prefer a high-quality doublet like the Tele Vue 2x).

Frankly, I might go either way without fear of missing anything.