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Finder scope for refractor

Started by HowardP, 05/16/2004 04:22PM
Posted 05/16/2004 04:22PM Opening Post
155 mm refractor, visual on alt-azmth mount, light poluted skies

Do I go with a straight thru and crane my neck for zenith viewing (and the maps a hard to read) or ...

Do I go with an Orion correct-image 9x50mm

clear skies howard
Posted 05/16/2004 08:29PM #1
If the focal length were shorter than it probably is, I would just skip the finder and go with a 2 inch widefield eyepiece.

Posted 05/17/2004 09:45PM #2
Why not get a 80 or 90mm f/4 or f/5 'fractor from Apogeeinc and piggy back it? A 9x50 right angle finder runs $80=$90, and you could use illuminated reticle eyepieces, or amici diaganol, if you chose. My advice is free, and worth every penny. (don't know who said it first, but I like it)