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How do I remove a Telrad base?

Started by astroboy314, 12/09/2002 08:42PM
Posted 12/09/2002 08:42PM Opening Post
Hey folks, I have a Celestron C8 and attached a Telrad base. Unfortunately, my Telrad broke and now I am getting the Celestron Star Pointer instead, so want to remove the Telrad base. I am scared to try remove the thing though, I'm worried it might damage the tube. Should I just leave it on? Has anyone ever tried taking that base off? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Posted 12/10/2002 06:25AM #1
If there are remnants of the adhesive remaining after removing the base, a very effective and safe remove is NON-ACETONE nail polish remover. I've used this on both Celestron an Meade scopes with a soft cotton ball and it removes any remaining foam tape and adhesive without damaging the paint finish.
Posted 12/10/2002 06:47AM #2
Hi David,

If you are near a Lowes or Home Depot buy a bottle of "GOO GONE" made by Magic America Corporation. It is a liquid that dissolves gum, masking tape adhesive, glue, grease and just about anything tacky. I have used it to remove masking tape residue that was untouchable by anything else from an old fiberglas tube as well as two-sided tape residue from a couple of tubes. It did the job easily and there was no damage or discoloration to the tube finish. I do not work for them, I just highly recommend this product.