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I received my PST today

Started by buzzman, 05/10/2007 02:44PM
Posted 05/10/2007 02:44PM Opening Post
I finally received my PST but I noticed the manufacture date on the warranty card says March 05. I believe this is the timeframe of the rusting problem with the rusting am I correct? I can't believe this thing sat for over 2 years unsold! Anyway I checked for the dredded rusting and could not see any, so I will keep the figures crossed! shocked
Posted 05/10/2007 03:03PM #1

So how thick are the clouds?? grin

Have you had a chance to take a look yet? Last weekend I saw a small sunspot near the edge with quite a bit of activity nearby, even an arch I think...

You might check out the Coronado forum if you are an H-alpha newbie like me. They helped me with hints like putting a black shoud over my head and the eye piece end of the scope to make things darker. (They swear the real reason wasn't to keep from frightening anyone passing by or to keep the reflections off the old noggin from temporarily blinding pilots.)

Have fun

Posted 05/10/2007 03:04PM #2
Robert, congratulations!
Do not worry about the "rust" issue, unless it happens...

Enjoy it! 8)

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Posted 05/10/2007 03:23PM #3
Hey Bob,

I want a look through it sometime. grin

We still have to get together and go out to Lake Hudson one of these days. There is a group going Saturday if it's clear.