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Light intensity in "qwik-point" type finders?

Started by drachal, 07/10/2002 08:59AM
Posted 07/10/2002 08:59AM Opening Post
One good feature of the TelRad, Rigel, & TV qwik-point 1X finders is that the light intensity can be adjusted to an absolute minimum. I purchased a Celestron 1X finder at a star party & sold it because the red dot was just too bright on minimum intensity. I was told the StellarVue unit has the same problem, so I suspect it may be common amoung other brands, as well. I'd appreciate any information on which brands do not have this problem. Thanks, Darian Rachal

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 07/10/2002 11:37AM #1
I own an Orion EZ finder (not the current EZ II). The intensity is dim on the minimum level as far as I know.

Posted 07/10/2002 05:58PM #2
If you find yourself with a too-bright LED, it can be dimmed quite simply by attaching a small piece of colored cellophane or mylar to the "face" of the LED housing itself. I used a small green mylar square (ala craft wrap, found in many craft stores) and attached it to the LED housing via double-stick cellophane tape.

Best wishes and luck.
Posted 07/10/2002 08:37PM #3
Darian, I can attest to the fact that my TV Starbeam adjustable red dot can be invisible at minimum and very
bright, bright enough to find Venus when the sun is low
over the horizon at maximum intensity. That little flip
up mirror comes in handy when pointing at the zenith.
High price, yes. But when average out over 10 years,
it's only $20/year ;-).

Ron B[ee]