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Looking for threaded stock

Started by Brisley, 01/06/2006 10:15PM
Posted 01/06/2006 10:15PM Opening Post
Does anyone know of a supplier with stainless threaded stock in 3/8" with a 32tpi thread. I only need 2". Everything I have seen has been 16 and sometimes 24. I priced having it machined at precise parts, and it came in at $30, way above what I am willing to pay. It is the shaft for a focuser on a C-8, that is why the thread count is so high for the size.
Posted 01/07/2006 02:39PM #1
[COLOR="Purple"]McMaster Carr perhaps? They seem to have everything. Search for threaded rod?
Posted 01/07/2006 02:59PM #2
If you are unable to find the threaded rod, you may want to try finding a bolt of the propper diamater and pitch, and cutting off the head. You may bave better luck with this as specific threaded rod is often harder to come by.

Posted 01/07/2006 08:56PM #3
This is for a 1972 model, they have changed the assembly since then. Also, I have previously been told that they do not have the parts for the older scopes.

Leadscrew is probably better, but since I have to have the corresponding piece also machined, as it is stripped, I will take whatever I can. Unfortunately, your link does not have pricing. Thank you for finding it though.


Posted 01/07/2006 09:02PM #4