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Miyauchi 22x71 NBA Binoculars

Started by Nemo, 01/19/2004 08:00PM
Posted 01/19/2004 08:00PM Opening Post
Hey folks,
I am looking to buy a pair of the Miyauchi 22x71 NBA bino's. Given their f/8 focal length they should perform better than their better know cousins the 20x77's in term of chromatic aberration. Is there anyone out there who can provide some feed back on these binoculars? Ken and I both would be most appreciative. I have searched the Yahoo and astromart forums to no avail. In fact there seems to be a real lack of any first hand knowledge regarding these bino's. I feel like I am on the beach here in Oregon throwing a bottle into the sea.

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum