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Started by wy6k, 05/16/2005 03:58AM
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I have a third floor observatory that is very subject to vibration. There is no way to run a pier to ground. So I'm looking for ways to improve the situation a bit. I'm thinking of laying a large stone slab on top of a layer of rubber. I will attach the pier to the slab and the combo should filter out the higher frequency vibrations. If this stops or seriously attenuates frequencies higher than my exposure time, it would seem that this would help. Planetary videos using 1/25 or faster should improve, right?

Has anyone tried anything like this? Advice?

Michael Watts

Michael Watts
CGE 1400
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Tehcnically, the approach could work. It is similar to the concept of a vibration isolation table in a laboratory. We put a large steel or stone mass on top of an inflated bicycle inner tube. In place of the inner tube, you could use an elastomer with properties similar to the stuff in vibration isolation pads. Before you try this, however, realize first that the inertial mass of the table has to be very large compared to the weight of everything you are going to mount on it. Be sure the floor of your structure can support the weight. Second, you will not be able to stand on, or even touch that table. In order for you to use the scope, you'll probably have to build a "cat walk" around and above it, but not touching it.