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Nagler vs. Panoptic

Started by astroboy314, 12/31/2002 03:20PM
Posted 12/31/2002 03:20PM Opening Post
Hello, I have an 8" f/10, and am looking to buy one premium eyepiece in the "sweet spot"for my scope, around 20mm. Since I've always liked lower power, sharper and wider fields, I'll most likely get a 22mm ep... the question is: Panoptic or Nagler (or otherwise, I suppose)?

Has anyone directly compared the 22mm Panoptic and Nagler? I realize that the Nagler will have a wider field of view, but I've also heard that they appear about the same because you can't take in the entire Nagler field at once (ie. You have to look around to see the entire 82* field). What about performance outside of the FOV? Does one perform better in terms of edge sharpness or contrast?

From all I've heard I think the Nagler would be a better ep, but I'm just not sure it is worth the extra money.

Thanks for any advice...

Posted 01/01/2003 09:12PM #1
I have the 22 Nagler and it's my favorite ep for my TV 102, least today. Some other days it might be the 7mm Nagler type 6, or the 35mm Panoptic.

Couple of thoughts: since it's apparently a close choice, ask yourself if you prefer to see the field stop, or not. When sweeping around looking for stuff I find it a little reassuring if I can easily see all the way to the edge of the field, which is a point for the Panoptic. Also, the eye-relief on the 22 Nagler is somewhat longer than on any of the comparable Panoptics, maybe just long enough to be slightly uncomfortable for some people. Or maybe just perfect if you wear glasses when you observe. So maybe you could make the decision on the basis of the eye relief that's comfortable for you.