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Saturn Last Night with TMB/APM 10" Apo

Started by jimhp29401us, 11/01/2003 09:02AM
Posted 11/01/2003 09:02AM Opening Post
Couldn't sleep. Got up at Midnight and made several images of Saturn with my 10" TMB/APM apo using a Philips Toucam Pro, Registax, Photoshop. 700-1000 i9mages stacked. Taken about 1:00-200 AM EST 11-1-03

Jim Phillips

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Posted 11/01/2003 09:54AM #1
Wow, awesome shot. (which is pretty much to be expected of a multi-kilobuck scope like that!)
Posted 11/01/2003 11:57AM #2
Wow Jim, I wish you can't sleep more often ;-) so that we can feast our eyes with more of your images. Please keep up the good work. By Saturian, the Cassini Division is so wide(!) and could that be the illusive Encke Division at the ansae?

Ron B[ee]