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Saturn Last Night with TMB/APM 10" Apo

Started by jimhp29401us, 11/01/2003 10:17AM
Posted 11/01/2003 10:17AM Opening Post
Either I'm repeating myself or my fitrst try diodn't work. This is an image of Saturn taken this AL (1:00-2:00AM with my TMB/APM 10" F/9 apo. Using Philips Toucam pro, registax, photoshop. Sorry if I have repeated myself.

Jim Phillips

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Posted 11/01/2003 10:32AM #1
Pictures of the scope please! I have a drooling wall I need to fill.

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Posted 11/01/2003 08:45PM #2
Please, repeat yourself....often.

Posted 11/02/2003 06:30AM #3
Who needs the Hubble any more when you've got a Toucam Pro and a 10" TMB?

And too bad there are no craters on Saturn, because we'd be looking at them in amazing detail with that setup.

Posted 11/02/2003 02:23PM #4
I told my wife what I wanted for Christmas--- She's still laughing!! Fantastic shot!
Posted 11/03/2003 01:37AM #5
Of course this is a terrific image, but it's remarkable how little the Encke division shows up. Is this maybe because of the low resolution of the web image? How does the original look?