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Shipping a Big dob

Started by dozer613, 12/11/2002 02:12AM
Posted 12/11/2002 02:12AM Opening Post
I am just putting this post in for someone who wants to ship a big dob and wonders if they can do it, yes you can.
After selling my 18" I wondered who was going to ship it? UPS was out as all the posts on their antics, Fedex wanted $250 just to ship the mirror box alone as it was way oversized 30" x 30" x 30"
I choose Airborne, you have to apply and that takes one day then you can ship.
These guys are very helpful and handle everything halfway decent. I shipped my dob in 6 boxes from Chicago to L.A. via Airborne insured ground in 4 days all were packed as if a gorilla would sit on it, you have to apply a mindset of what could happen to these boxes. Main mirror was boxed from searching these forums then double boxed.
All told the boxes arrived on time and with not one bit of damage. And by the way it cost $240 TOTAL to ship the whole scope including insurance. And I do not work for them either
Posted 12/11/2002 02:17PM #1
That's good info Marty... thanks for sharing...

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