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Best ep's for my c9.25?

Started by Grumpy_one, 09/08/2003 10:59AM
Posted 09/08/2003 10:59AM Opening Post
I would like to know what ep's you 9.25 owners have in your stock. My next scope will be something in the 3-4" refractor range. I would like to know what ep's would compliment both. Here is my ep stock so far:
Celestron ultima's 18,35,42
Nagler 31
Pentax smc 10.5 xl
Orion 50
I need something in the 22mm range, (another nag?)
I have also considered the tak le 5. I enjoy dso's and planetary viewing.
Oh and 2.5 powermate and 2.8 klee are in my stock, here is my list of mag's with all the above mentioned:
47,55,67,75,130,139,156,167,188,223,326,367,573,626 power
As you can see, I'm have some gaps the a 22 would fill in nice, or correct me if I'm wrong. The 22 would give me 106,267,298 power
I realize that anything above 250-300 would be too much, I just included these numbers because I just did the math. Thanks, Dave
Posted 09/08/2003 05:40PM #1

I have the C9.25 and am partial to Pentax XL's. Strongley recommend the 21mm XL and the 14mm XL. I don't know what kind of viewing conditions you have but here in the southeast there are a few nights when it's so bad I just can not push the scope to 224x with the 10.5 without image degradation. This is where the 14mm comes in handy unless you are pleased with the Ultima 35 & Powermate combination (same power). The 14mm will provide a wider field of view. I don't think I have to sell you on the XL's. You already know how good the 10.5mm is. Otherwise, you have it well covered.