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Hyperion Mark III Zooms

Started by Mikey Cee, 11/30/2014 09:03PM
Posted 11/30/2014 09:03PM Opening Post
Just purchased a set and have tried them out in my WO's binos. Have used them on three different nights. The first night was fairly steady. First thing I noticed was that they were indeed very parfocal. Well that was good. Next I noticed or I should say didn't notice any flaring or ghosting on the brightest stars like Hamal and Aldeberan. That to me is great. I'm holding my breath awaiting the king of the ghosts...Jupiter. I never could determine if all of my ghosting eyepieces were due to internal faults or my watery eyeballs being reflected onto the eyelens. I noticed by looking obliquely at the coating reflections that the eyelenses are slightly concave. Any way has anyone out there experienced using these eyepieces first hand. If so what are your opinions? Thanks Mike 8)

8) #1--[COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Aqua"][COLOR="Red"]Tasco 20TE[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] "Observatory" 108x1600. #2--Permanently installed [COLOR="Red"]Istar[/COLOR] 250x2712 R30 with a [COLOR="Red"]Jaeger's[/COLOR] 152x1200 piggybacked. Then we have as follows....[COLOR="Red"]Selsi[/COLOR] 80x1200, [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR][COLOR="Red"]Sans&Streiffe[/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B] 76x1200, [COLOR="Red"]Carton[/COLOR] 60x910, [COLOR="Red"]Shrine Manon[/COLOR][/B] 60x700, [COLOR="Red"]Sears[/COLOR] 60x910, [COLOR="Red"]Edmunds [/COLOR]76x760(1958), [COLOR="Red"]Criterion Brownscope[/COLOR] 25x45x75x(1957), [COLOR="Red"]Tower[/COLOR] 7x35's and [COLOR="Red"]Tower[/COLOR] 10x50's(1956). 8) [COLOR="Lime"][/COLOR]