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Started by Paul300, 09/20/2004 10:56AM
Posted 09/20/2004 10:56AM Opening Post
Hi folks....I would like to throw this question out and get some feedback. I've used a 35MM Panoptic with my AP 155MMF/7 and still got a little edge distortion. Anyone suggest a good low power wide field EP I could use? I was thinking of trying a Pentax........thanks, and best regards, Paul
Posted 09/20/2004 01:09PM | Edited 09/20/2004 01:10PM #1
That sounds kind of funny to me - the Panoptics are usually pretty sharp to the edge. You might want to try someone else's 35 Pan in your scope next time you are at a star party. If theirs is noticeably better, you might want to send it back to TV for repair.

Assuming it's not a defective eyepiece, I am not sure what you are seeing. My 35 Pan does pretty well to the edge in a 14.5" f4.3 with a paracorr (effectively f4.95). Is it uniform all around the edge? If it is noticeably worse on one side, your objective might be out of collimation (unusual for an AP, but possible, and correctable). Actually, the diagonal could be out of collimation too (more easily correctable). How little distortion are you talking about?