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Re: new William Optics eyepieces

Started by lintonius, 01/22/2005 01:01PM
Posted 01/22/2005 01:01PM Opening Post
"It doesn't say, but I'd bet these are Chinese, just like the new Meades are. Soon everything will be made in China - the stuff gets more and more decent, and the prices stay incredibly low. In the future, will everybody in the rest of the world just make a living buying and selling Chinese stuff to each other?"
As the Chinese take more and more of our jobs, they will start to demand better pay and eventually they won't have the cheap labor advantage any more. Then businesses will find another source to exploit. Hopefully Americans will still earn enough to buy the products. :S
Posted 01/23/2005 01:55PM #1
William only announced these a week ago on the yahoo group so I doubt they are in anyones hands soon. However, once someone gets one I'd be eager to hear about the views. i have the Williams 80mm ED F7 and was going to get the UO 40mm sometime...