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Russell Optics vs Siebert Optical

Started by robert garces, 09/29/2005 06:48PM
Posted 09/29/2005 06:48PM Opening Post
ok how do these brands of EP's compare, with each other.. quality of optics and workmanship is all im really concerned with,
Before posting this I did a search for the siebert's and a couple of years back there was a rather lengthy thread about the seibert ep's
I need opinions of the quality and workmanship of these new versions of EP's. It appears as though improvments have been made on the
seiberts and would like to hear what you have to say, the seiberts look rather nice, as well as the russells,Ive never really compared
EP's of any type and im looking for your honest input on these. or other brands worth mentioning.. from the 50.00 to 200.00MAX limit.

also the seibert barlows, if anyone has any input on those id like to hear about it.. compared to the TV powermates how do they stand up..

I was looking at prices of some of the EP's TV, new WO, ect. ect..
are they really that much better.. i had no idea they were as costly as this.. im totally amazed at the prices some of them are going for..
its the first time im really looking for some EP's that will be with me for several years and dont really have the money to play with,
save me some trial and error getting something that will be of a quality i can live with.. im almost afraid to
look through one of those 500.00 ep's and like it to much.

if it means anything my eyes are excellent im 40yo no glasses and I can read the smallest lines on the eye charts from twice as far away..
and have managed to keep my night vision due to my line of work radiology, spending lots of time in dark rooms and dim working environments help.

thanks in advance for any help you guys and gals (if any) can give me in my search, hopefully my questions will help me avoid the pains
of finding the right EP's to put in a box and use for many years to come. Im really trying to believe it can be done.. smile
wow this is alot more than i expected to write i just couldn't stop..

thanks in advance, robert