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Russell Optics VS Stellarvue EP's ???

Started by robert garces, 09/28/2005 09:44PM
Posted 09/28/2005 09:44PM | Edited 09/28/2005 09:56PM Opening Post
Hello Fellas, ive got a few questions, please enlighten me..
Any ideas on the 2" EP's from Russell Optics / Stellarvue, they would be used with Intes MK-66 Deluxe and a early 90's C8 SCT..
is there anything out there with a better bang for the buck optical quality wise. Has anyone had the chance to compared them side by side ?
hmm, not sure if this is the place for it, but i saw a thread about barlows.. anyone have the chance to compare any 2" barlows agaist the 2" powermate ?
any info will be helpful.. I havent had the chance to look through any 2" ep's is it worth the extra money for them, or should i stick
with 1.25 and maybe get better quality for the same amout i would spend on 2" hardware ?

I want some decent observing EP's that will replace the celestron taiwans and a couple of no name brands which are actually better than the celestrons..
ill give em to my kids cause I dont think I can get much for em.. the celestrons are the ones that came with the case you know the one
sold on ebay for 100.00 bucks that celestron claimed were a 600.00 dollar value, the no name brand ones ive had for 7 years.

thanks, robert
Posted 09/29/2005 08:35AM | Edited 09/29/2005 08:37AM #1
I've said it many times here on AM, it's hard to beat the Russell 2" eyepieces for most scopes. I've compared them many times to my TV Pans and Naglers, and while the TV's are better, it's not by much. Of course fit and finish arent TV quality, but if your looking for a cheap way to get into 2" eyepieces there is probably not a better way.

While I've sold most of my Russells off, there are a few sizes and designs that have performed so well I refuse to sell them.