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Scopetronix 2" Barlow

Started by jkurtz555, 03/05/2004 09:12AM
Posted 03/05/2004 09:12AM Opening Post
Just got one of these from Owl Services in PA on the "other" auction site and had a quick look through it the other evening (marginal seeing). Someone else on this forum had recommended this barlow and I have to say that we were VERY impressed with both the optical quality and the fit and finish (on a par I think with William Optics diagonals). This barlow is bright with no vignetting (still testing this as I've had limited use) and seems to provide excellent contrast and sharpness. The biggest compliment you can pay a barlow is when you completely forget it's there...and...this one passed that test with flying colors.
Can't think of a better barlow at twice the price. Amazing value!
Posted 03/05/2004 10:32AM #1
I am glad to know you like the barlow. I recommended it from Owl Services as it priced at least $20.00 less than the equivalent barlow at scopetronix. It has very good light-throughput and appears to be a bit brighter than my orion 1.25" apo barlow. All barlows dim the image but this seems to be less of a problem with this particular 2" barlow. It also clean-up the edges in my 2" TAL 24mm widefield eyepiece.
Posted 03/06/2004 09:17AM #2
To both Rod and Jeff, I did purchase the Scoptronix barlow over the Owl services one, they aro both made in the same optical shop but the 2" Scoptonics is a 3 lens barlow, I found this out after I purchased it while tighning the iner retaining ring plus after I called scoptronics up as well which they also stated that it was as well. So that must be were the $20 is made up. My compliments to the optical house that builds these barlows, they add nothing at all except more power to any eps that I have tried so far and both under $100 places these in the biggest bang for the buck product list. James..