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My clear night home

Started by dan kowall, 07/21/2004 02:37PM
Posted 07/21/2004 02:37PM Opening Post
Hi all,
My observatory is pretty much done now so I thought I'd post some pictures of it.
It's an 8'x12' oak post and beam stucture with a roll off roof. There is a small heated computer room and the viewing area has two piers for scopes.
I made it in such a way that should I ever want to move it, except for the roof, the whole structure can be disassembled into the individual oak members and a bunch of 4'x8' panels that can be reassembled some where else.
I built a passive ventilation system that draws cool air from underneath and exhausts it through a functional cupola on the roof.
It's extremely weather tight; I've never had a drop of rain inside.
The ability to walk out of the house and be observing/imaging five minutes later makes life so much easier and pleasant.
For you woodworkers out there, I used half lapped dovetails on some of the knee braces:

dan kowall

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Posted 07/21/2004 02:54PM | Edited 07/21/2004 02:55PM #1
Here's a photograph of the frame before sheathing was applied.

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Posted 07/21/2004 03:23PM #2
Dan, that is very pretty as well as wonderfully engineered. I really like it and I bet your neighbors do to, huh?

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Posted 07/21/2004 03:39PM #3
Very Nice ... you are setting new standards for all of us practical types that just want something that works ... now I now what to do with that barn out back ... just put the roof on wheels and add a 48" dobsonian ...

Thanks for the post.

Posted 07/21/2004 06:24PM #4

Great job! Excellent timber framing joints. Any pictures of the inside with the scope(s) installed.

I noticed the angle iron track.....are you using V-groove rollers??

How could a neighbor object to that? smile

Best regards,
Tom Tolla

Tom T.
Guilford, CT smile
Posted 07/22/2004 04:39AM #5
Is your link still working? Must just be me since everyone else is seeing it, but none of your images or links would load on my computer.

My building is 10x12 and it would have been nice to have a control room but I feel like that's to small for it. How'd you manage to squeeze one in 8x12?


Posted 07/24/2004 05:37AM #6
That looks great.
Do you have any detail showing the roof connection and how you made it weather tight?
I am about to draw up some plans and I have been laboring over that connection.
I have seen others that have gaping openings in them and I will not build something like that.
I have started to draft plans showing an 8 X 12 foot building with a 5 X 8 contol room and a 7 X 8 telescope area. The roof connection is my only snag at this time.
good luck.