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eypices for 7 meade mak

Started by mbmotorsport, 10/15/2006 07:46PM
Posted 10/15/2006 07:46PM Opening Post
hello i just traded a 8 cpc ceelstron for a 7 lx-200 7inch mak i hope this was a good trade ... what are good eyepices i have a 22m vixen 68 foov and a william optics 15 70 fov and a plossel 32 mm are there any recommandations for other eyepices ie. meade uwa or ? i look to look at planets and the ring and dumbell swan nebula so any suggestions would be appreacated and whats the big difference between the f/15 and an f/10 scope thank you clear skies Mike Baron 8)
Posted 11/08/2006 06:42AM | Edited 11/08/2006 06:59AM #1
Cheap Celestron 2" E-Lux Kellners work very well at f/15 and the 26mm and 32mm E-Lux EP's are very contrasty for deep sky studies with greater AFOV and more viewing comfort than a 25mm or 32mm 1.25" Plossl. The 34mm Axiom is another winner if you want 70 degree AFOV, but contrast is less due to the 4 extra elements. It has less pincushion distortion than a Panoptic and is every bit as sharp from f/10 or longer focal ratio. This is my main deep sky EP in my 6" Mak. I can also recommend the 2" 34mm or 36mm Siebert Observatory as a deep sky EP.

Get a high quality 2" diagonal that's 1/10 wave or better, and get a good binoviewer. Maks and binoviewers were made for each other. I really like the 12.5mm and 18mm Ultima, and 15mm and 23mm Axiom for 1.25" EP's. I use Siebert Star Splitters for highest mags, and the 8.9mm and 9.9mm work especially well in an f/15 Mak as they are 3-element designs with very high contrast. 7.9mmm SS and shorter have a doublet Barlow at the front and slightly lower contrast.

Edmund RKE's are noted as good planetary EP's at cheap prices in Mak scopes. 3-element EP's work very well in Mak scopes, and I am developing a fondness for them due to the high contrast.

The thing about an f/15 scope is that the simple and cheap classic EP's work to perfection in them. f/15 Maks have less central obstruction than f/10 SCT's and therefore higher contrast. The longer focal ratio allows using longer FL EP's with greater eye relief.

The TEC EP turret is a recommended accessory for your Mak. If you do a lot of high mag work, it allows you to quickly select the best mag for the job at hand. Remember, you're getting an excellent star diagonal in the deal. A typical lineup is 30mm Ultima or 23m Axiom, 18mm Ultima, 15mm Axiom, 12.5mm Ultima, 10mm or 7.5mm Ultima. That gives me 5 nearly parfocal EP's to spin in the turret.

If you like to look at planets, you got the right type scope for the job. For lunar studies and equal magnitude doubles, your 7" Mak equals an 8" APO in resolution. I have a 6" Russian Mak, and the more I use it the better I like it. A little dim for deep sky, but tack sharp and contrasty on the brighter stuff.

Meade UWA and TV Naglers are not really what long focal ratio Mak scopes are all about. It's about sharpness and contrast. Maks took the place of long focal ratio achromats.