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Started by robert garces, 04/27/2006 07:55AM
Posted 04/27/2006 07:55AM Opening Post
has anyone ever had their MAK self collimate, I left the MK-66 on top of the mount sitting in the sun all day under a tarp? it was hot, 85/87 in Miami, Fl., setup on friday night left the mount and OTA out all day saturday, I brought the CGE back from hibernate mode @ 10-11p on saturday night and checked alignment by a goto to Vega which went to center of EP : ). I noticed perfect concentric circles, I was like WHAT! I did a double take, cause I knew i had to collimate the MK-66 i tinkered with it two months prior collimation was off, I moved in and out of focus a few times, and was quite pleased with what I was seeing, perfect collimation, the expansion and contraction from the thermal changes, was my first thought, unless casper was about. I focused vega and see 2 defraction rings very visible, slew over to Dubhe and checked everything again I used a klee Barlow and 15mm EP, defraction rings two of them, wow anyways I was wondering if anyone has had this experience, yesterday I called ITE spoke to Mike, explained what happened, he said he has seen it happen, OTA’s get super heated and will self collimate from the thermal contraction and expansion was it a fluke, good luck, were the secondaries just in the right place for this to happen, probably! but I wanted to pass along the info, it was neat, unexpected and handy that the collimation held.. collimation was not far off to start with but not perfect by any means, however it is now and it does make a difference, every little bit helps.. if anyone tries this and it works out the same let me know, just curious... however, please make sure you tighten down everything! EP's will fall out of diags if they turn upside down like mine did, and im sure OTA's can slip right off the mount if not tighten down, there is alot of expansion and contraction going on, one might not think that much but yes that much... my EP was on the floor that night and the diag was facing down.. : )