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autoguider with gemini 1

Started by Jonathan Lingel, 08/20/2015 12:12PM
Posted 08/20/2015 12:12PM Opening Post
Any recommendations for an autoguider for the Losmandy Gemini 1. I had bought a "stand alone" autoguider (no need for pc) but it fried
the computer in the Gemini 1 on my G-11.
Posted 08/20/2015 10:17PM #1
How much do you have to spend? smile

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Posted 08/21/2015 07:10PM #2
Hi Jonathan,
I have used the Orion star shoot autoguider for years with my Gemini 1 on G-11 and Losmandy Titan mounts with no problems, even using an old windows XP laptop.

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Posted 08/27/2015 09:37PM #3
Maybe you did not realize you needed the isolating relay box between that type of guider and your mount. If I am not mistaken the only old standalone guider that had the relays built in was the ST-4. All of the others requires the relay box (not sure about the Orion and Celestron guiders but since they work in 5v and not 12v they maybe they are OK).