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Equatorial Mount for 8-12 inch Newtonian

Started by ansupal, 02/01/2005 05:33AM
Posted 02/01/2005 05:33AM Opening Post
Hello All,

I have a small question. I thought it will be easy for me to figure it out but still lost!!

I am looking for an Equatorial Mount for my upcoming 8inch Newtonian (f/7) telescope. Also, I may be making 12inch Newtonian (f/5) in near future and would definitely use the same mount. I also understand the telescope may be quite big for the average mounts.
I will appreciate any suggestions from the forum community. smile

Thank you,

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Posted 02/01/2005 02:43PM #1
Hi Ansuman,

It would help if you let us know the type of observations you aim to make. ie visual observing is a LOT more forgiving on mounts than photographic or CCD.

For visual observing I agree that you could use a G-11 or similar. However if you aim to do photography with the 12", you would probably need something bigger like a Titan.



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