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Meade LX 80

Started by emcrace, 02/20/2013 06:44PM
Posted 02/20/2013 06:44PM Opening Post
Well I bought a Meade LX80. I previously owned a CGEM that is an excellent mount. Unfortunately in a transportation case it would not fit in my car.
Let me start with attributes of the LX80. I really like the ALT.-AZ. design, the leveling built into the legs is great, and the design philosophy is very good.
Now to what Meade sold me. The colors and fit finish are very poor. The leg spreader is a joke. Both static alignment marks are way off . No hanger or placement for the controller. No pull out protection for the power. The primary dovetail holder to the mount fit and machining is very poor. No solar sub routine at all, you must do a garbage alignment and go-to Mercury then jog to the Sun. The rubber feet on the tripod cause so much wiggle it is amazing ( fortunately they pop off easily. The EQ.-AZ. Axis was so poorly machined and assembled that it was unusable even for my Lunt 60 Solar Scope.
If you have a small machine shop at home as I do you can fix this axis. The design is good but the manufacturing is so bad it is not functional as delivered.
Meade designed a killer little versatile mount. I believe that they worked very hard and diligently designing the LX80. Also I believe the design fills a void that would make it a very popular for grab and go astronomers like me. Reading the blogs on Meade falling short is not new to them. I am sorry to say they do not deserve to be around. Half right is still wrong ,again.
Posted 02/20/2013 07:55PM #1
That's really too bad. It appears offerings from IOPTRON are much better. If they can do it, ya gotta wonder why meade can't...