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Tak legs same on EM-200 and NJP?

Started by mskulick, 05/22/2011 07:41PM
Posted 05/22/2011 07:41PM Opening Post
Hello to all,

Just picked up NJP mount, have a tall pier but need a short tripod to mount a Newt. I am wondering, does anyone know whether the wooden legs from an EM-200 are the same as the wooden legs on an NJP tripod? Also, whether or not I could obtain just the tripod hub to fit the NJP mount? I am looking for ideas, can anyone help? smile

Kind regards,
Posted 06/12/2011 11:04AM #1
...and now I can answer my own original question.
The wooden legs are identical on each tripod. The
adapters (green hub at the top) are also identical
as far as the leg mountings are concerned. Of course
the surfaces where the respective mounts sit are
quite different. This goes in the "Just so you know"
category... 8)

Best wishes,
Mike K.