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Tak Temma II bubble level

Started by aklatt, 12/10/2011 08:31PM
Posted 12/10/2011 08:31PM Opening Post
I purchased a used mount and after some uses, the RA bubble levels slips left to right. I am assuming this should be fixed so I can level the scope correctly?

I removed the bubble level to find it is mounted on a sleeve which is also held in place with an even tinier allen bolt than the level! What size is that?!

Point is, I guess this all needs to be fixed, but then how do I know the whole thing is leveled? Trial and error?

Small problem, but I thought I'd ask if anyone had some magic, particularly with who carries such tiny allen keys, and a fast fix to level the thing properly.

I appreciate your time.

Posted 12/11/2011 05:54PM | Edited 12/11/2011 05:55PM #1
Make sure the counterweight shaft is vertical (put a level on the shaft) and center the buble.
The set screw is probably either 1.5 mm metric or: .050 or .035 US.
Sears carries the two larger sizes in their ball end socket sets. The smaller one is available from Wiha among others (try amazon for a supplier).