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Dob Tube Sliding Weight

Started by Harry Drutok, 08/09/2007 02:30PM
Posted 08/09/2007 02:30PM Opening Post
Hi Folks,
Looking for a little help here. I have a 16" split tube Discovery with great optics. My problem is I would like a little more aft CG. I thought I remember reading somewhere that there is a sliding weight for tube dobs. I checked with our sponsor, but it seems he doesn't carry this. Do you know where I can find such a product?

It seems when I slide my scope back the bottom contacts the mount preventing me from approaching zenith. When I slide it forward, I am top heavy.

Posted 08/10/2007 07:48PM #1
This works well on my 10 Dob: .

Posted 08/14/2007 11:33AM #2
Another solution, which I've tried, is a "clothesline counterweight". Hook a pair of pulleys and a piece of cord onto your tube using S hooks. Maybe include a spring and a turnbuckle to adjust tension. The beauty of this solution is that you can quickly adjust balance without moving away from the eyepiece.

An unexpected benefit is that the counterweight acts as a vibration damper. If you "thump" the tube, the counterweight starts oscillating, absorbing vibration from the tube.