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AP 155 vs. 160

Started by keagle, 04/07/2006 11:45AM
Posted 04/07/2006 11:45AM Opening Post
Has anyone seen or done a review of the last AP 155 vs the new 160? Has anyone even done a side by side with these?

That would be very interesting, considering the different design characteristics.
Posted 04/07/2006 01:29PM #1
Not side-by-side, but having used one for years and
spending an hour with the other, I could not see
any difference. Color correction was nearly the same
-- bright stars showed similar color traces when defocussed.
It was not like comparing a Traveler and TMB100
where the defocussed star images and behavior going
through focus are completely different.
Getting at the (small) differences will need a careful
side-by-side test it seems to me.
Posted 04/10/2006 08:14AM | Edited 04/10/2006 09:03AM #2
I did a side by side on these two scopes last fall. We compared views of Mars and other objects. There are more similarities than differences in these scopes,and the differences were tiny. There was a little better sharpness in my 160 and a tiny bit more contrast in the 155. The owner of the 155 saw the difference in sharpness as well, but he thought the contrast was the same. The other two experienced observers in our group did not see any difference between the two. The performance of these scopes is very, very similar.