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AP objectives...coated in-house or outsourced?

Started by pkelly, 07/04/2009 05:17AM
Posted 07/04/2009 05:17AM Opening Post
A UK forum question/discussion re lens coatings got me wondering...I'm not looking for any proprietary or secret info, just curious if a small custom-production shop like Astro-Physics coats their objectives in-house (themselves) or outsourced to a coating shop/specialist? I understand this process is very expensive for the equipment and to recoup the investment, but knowing how AP prefers the hands-on approach I was curious how they handle this part of the in-house manufacturing process along with overall lens production and CNC milling.

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Posted 07/04/2009 06:06AM #1
Interesting question, only Roland can give you an answer on this.

On a related subject a long time ago TEC, during their Maksutov period, used to have a small setup, a vacuum chamber for doing in house coating, but I believe that the rig was sold and all coatings are outsourced.

I do recall a post on S.A.A. from Roland discussing the cost of coatings for his 10” Mak, both refractive and reflective surfaces, my memory is somewhat hazy on this but I recall a figure of $1500 for coating services per scope, obviously outsourced.