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field flattener for WO flt 110

Started by dan janosick, 06/04/2008 05:45PM
Posted 06/04/2008 05:45PM Opening Post
I everyone I just picked up a flt-110 as I wait for my name to come up on the AP waitlist. I was wondering what are options for a field flattener? I know WO makes one but it looks proprietary and cannot be used with other scopes.
The other issue is the focal length of the scope is 770 mm, this puts the scope in an range where the TV reducers do not cover that focal length. The rfl-4087 works in the range of 800mm to 1000 mm and the trf-2008 works with ranges 400-600mm focal length.
Does anyone have a recommendations? I would hate trial and error as these reducers are not cheap.
Posted 06/04/2008 05:51PM #1
The rfl-4087 works in the range of 800mm to 1000 mm would work, just call TV and ask what they would recommend. I would think that it would still be ok.

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