Re: vixen 102

Started by Richard Beasley, 05/19/2005 08:32PM
Posted 05/19/2005 08:32PM Opening Post

hi guys, i own a vixen/orion 102 refractor with a fixed lens,fl 1000 f/9 although there are no serial numbers to be found, by me or others, i know i have no false color, and very small halos on brighter stars, none whatsoever, on the moon, even at high power above 250 mag. so what do i have as well what would be a fair price to ask for a scope like this. i do have pics of lens and tube , thanx mark

If the focal length is 1000mm then you have a 102 F9.8 Acro. It is a very nice little scope. The ED versions are F9 I believe.

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