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Skywatcher 100 ED Triplet

Started by Startest, 02/02/2006 07:51AM
Posted 02/02/2006 07:51AM Opening Post
Has anyone used one of these scopes. Would appreciate your opinions of this scope if you have.

Clear skies
Posted 10/27/2006 02:54PM #1

Just saw your message.

I purchased a Skywatcher ED100 triplet last fall in Vancouver. It had a Williams Optics rotating crayford focuser and a 7X50 finder. The objective is mounted in a nice metal cell that screws onto the tube. It's fun to show people the 6 foil spacers.

The tube is well baffled. I thought the blackening could have been better so I sprayed the inside with Krylon ultra-flat black.

Optically it is excellent with high contrast and sharpness. Diffraction patterns are concentric and look the same inside and outside of focus. The color on the edge of the moon (slight greenish line) is less than on my Stellarvue Nighthawk 80BV (a pretty darn good achromat).

On Jupiter - the Great Red Spot and Junior are visible. Structure in Orion Nebula is very evident and rivals my 8" Dob. Lunar views are impressive with no color at all visible to my eyes at the terminator. I would rate its lunar image quality better than my 5" Mak.

I don't know if they are all this good - but I'm happy with mine.